making your money work for you, instead of you working for it.

Why I Decided To Write A Blog

Hi and Welcome to my blog/site.

For years my friends and family have been saying I need to write a blog based on all the financial advice I’ve shared with friends and family over the years and with young people through my financial literacy non-profit program – Wall Street Wizards. 

Let me begin with — I’m not a financial planner! 

But as you will see I’ve been a mutual fund portfolio manager, hedge fund manager, community development venture capitalist, social impact and angel investor over the years. So I’ve learned a few things about money and how to save it and invest it.

So, thats why I’m doing this blog. I want to share what I’ve learned over the years. 

In addition, you will hear about my love for music and travel. Maybe even a few of my personal rants along the way.

Now, let me start with a story.

We have all heard the story “give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, but teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime”. 

Thats great.

But what if I told you that my goal was to not only teach you how to fish, but to OWN everything associated with the fishing industry – the boat, the lake, the rods, etc. Because then not only could you feed yourself, but you could feed your family and your community.  You could create jobs and other businesses for your family and your community. You would create wealth not only for yourself (and your family) but your family for generations to come. Generational wealth. Wealth that is passed down.

My name is William Thomason, but most people call me Bill. I’ve always had an interest in investing and finance. I bought my first stock when I was 13, Coke Cola and I still own it today. And I bought my first mutual fund when I was 17, 21st Century Ultra Fund. (It has another name now).

As you can see, I was that nerdy kid in high school who walked around with a Wall Street Journal under his arm, even though I had no idea what I was really reading. Much like the investments I made at the time, I had no idea what stock or mutual fund I was buying. I bought Coke stock because I drink it and everyone I knew drank it. That was the extent of my fundamental analysis.

You might say I’ve been in finance and investing my whole life.

I moved to San Francisco from Detroit in the early 90s to take a job with a mutual fund company. You see, when I first bought 21st Century Ultra (mutual fund) – I haven’t made the connection that a job existed behind it. After all, Detroit was not a financial hub like san Francisco or new york. And I didn’t know anyone who worked in investment finance.

I eventually became the Director of Portfolio Management for that mutual fund company and managed a small to mid cap value (contrarian) fund and our separately managed accounts for wealthy individuals. From there I managed a hedge fund, got involved with a few startups, and later a community development venture capital fund. I’ve even written a book “Make Money Work for You – Instead of You Working for It” John Wiley and Sons publishers 2006. The forward was written by none other than Charles Schwab Jr.

But I would have to say my greatest achievement was the founding of a youth financial literacy program in san Francisco (with a satellite program in new york) called the wall street wizards. Over roughly a ten year period we engaged urban youth in the financial markets – they had bank accounts and brokerage accounts, they owned stock! Stocks like apple – can you imagine a 14 year old owning apple stock in 2003 and what its worth now?

So welcome to my blog/site! I truly hope you learn how to build wealth from what I can teach you.

I want to teach you what I’ve learned over a career thats spanned over 25 years. I want to teach you how to be “wealthy” not just rich. If you don’t know the difference – google Chris rock rich vs wealthy. He explains it better than me! HAHA!

In between, you will read about my love for music and global travel as well. Hey, I’m from Motown after all! And I grew up in a musical family. Did I mention I play guitar and piano and I love to write my own original music?

Go forth! Build wealth!

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