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The first blog (I tried) to write.

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I came across the very first blog I tried to write when I first moved back to Detroit from the Bay Area in July 2013. Its hard to believe the I’ve been here over 5 years now. I was using Blogger then, and I just never really got into it. Probably because I was still in “shock” from moving from the beautiful Bay Area to Detroit.

This is what was on my mind then:

Well I’ve been back in Detroit for about 1 month now and I cant believe how things have changed. Right now I’m sitting at the Woodbridge Pub on Trumbull behind Wayne State on a Sunday night and its packed with “Hipsters” Yep,  Hipsters have come to Detroit. Maybe they have always been here. I have been in California for 20 years. Funny thing, I was cleaning out my Uncle Jerry’s things in my Mom’s basement and I found a card from the 1940’s (I think) where my Uncle Jim had on his business card – James Watts – “Hipster”. All I know is 20 years ago this area was a dump. Now there are people living here. I’m still trying to get my arms around the change in my hometown. Yeah, yeah I know. I called this Bill’s Money blog. Well indirectly this is about money. The areas in Detroit that are now “livable” and where there is “real” money being invested. Like this area called “Woodbridge”. I grew up here and didnt even know this area of Detroit existed. I actually parked near a sign that looked “worn and torn” that said Woodbridge. There’s a sign here. This must be a real neighborhood. Ha ha! When I figure out how to add a picture to this blog I will.  In my one month since I’ve been back, I’ve discovered many new areas of Detroit. Oh, yeah and I promise to keep the money discussion going.

So welcome me back to my hometown and follow me as I rediscover the city I call home.
That was the only blog post I wrote, I never did another. So, so much has happened to me and my opinion of Detroit is the topic of another blog.
I do journal however and most of my thoughts and experiences are contained in it. I might go through it and pull out a few “nuggets” from time to time.

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