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Numericc (Portfolio Company)

I’m an investor and advisor to a few startup and early stage companies. The first of my portfolio companies I’m going to discuss on my blog is Numericc.

Numericc is a Oakland, California based company founded by Nitin Borwanker, a serial entrepreneur I met around 10 years ago.

Nitin has been passionate about software development and math ever since he can remember. He is a graduate of India Institute of Technology (IIT) and the University of Southern California (USC).

His well-rounded career and deep expertise has enabled him to understand business processes from engineering to data science, in roles from Engineer to Dev Manager to Architect to Data Scientist to Product Manager.

This real-world experience is what inspired and drove him to build Numericc.

Numericc has created the first business intelligence platform for software engineering. In simple terms, it applies data science to software development to improve outcomes.

Please visit the Numericc website for more information.

And if your interested in learning more about the company, please send me a message.


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